Precinct # Precinct Name Location
Murray #1 Courthouse 101 S. 5th Street
Murray #2
First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall 203 S. 4th Street
Murray #4 Glendale Road Church of Christ 1101 Glendale Road
Murray #5 MSU Regional Special Events Center 1401 State Route 121 N. Bypass
Murray #7 Murray Elementary School 111 S. Broach Street
Murray #8 Murray Calloway Area Tech Center 1800 Sycamore Street
Murray #9 University Church of Christ 801 N. 12th Street
Murray #10 Seventh Day Adventist Church 1408 Sycamore Street
Murray #11 Christian Community Church 1201 S. 16th Street
Murray #12
Hickory Woods Retirement Center
84 Utterback Road
Murray #13 Westside Baptist Church 207 S. Reobertson Road
Murray #14 Martin's Chapel Methodist Church 1619 Martin Chapel Road
Almo Cain's Murray Auto Auction 749 Radio Road
Calloway Calloway County High School 2108 College Farm Road
Cherry Corner Good Sheppard Methodist Church 84 Cherry Corner Road
Clayton Creek East Elementary School 1169 Pottertown Road
Coldwater Coldwater Church of Christ 8467 State Route 121 N.
Dexter Dexter Community Center Radio Road
Faxon Elm Grove Baptist Church 6483 State Route 94 East
Harris Grove Southwest Elementary School 3426 Wiswell Road
Hazel Hazel Baptist Church 101 3rd Street
Jackson Murray Calloway County Airport 554 Airfield Lane
Kirksey Kirksey Methodist Church 3691 Kirksey Road
Lynn Grove Lynn Grove Methodist Church Bldg 111 Browns Grove Road
Midway Calvary Temple Church 2685 US Highway 641 S.
New Concord New Concord Church of Christ Annex Bldg 121 Artesian Drive
Panorama Poplar Springs Baptist Church Bldg 749 Poplar Springs Road
Providence Locust Grove Baptist Church Bldg 1871 Locust Grove Road
Van Cleave Hope Harbor Church 2725 State Route 94 East

Calloway County Clerk | 101 South Fifth Street, Suite 5, Murray, KY 42071-2569 | Telephone: (270) 753-3923

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